MD (med. akad. Moskau)
Member of world association of antiage medicine
Member of German Association of mesotherapy

She was born in Baku (former Soviet Union). She graduated from Azerbaijan state medical institute on specialty of “general medicine”, then intramural postgraduate school of medical education in Moscow state medical Academy. For thesis: “Change of central circulatory dynamics, coronary blood flow, contractility and some parameters of metabolism of myocardium at coronary disease patients and matters of medicamental correction” she was awarded with academic title. She worked as internist, chief of department, chief doctor, assistant of clinical departments of Azerbaijan medical institute.

In Germany up to 1995 before getting allowance for doctor work she was an author and host of medical programs in russian TV in Berlin. Further she specialized in the sphere of aesthetic medicine, apparative cosmetology. After homologating of diplomas she worked as a doctor in the different practices of Berlin, superintended the department of aesthetic medicine of experimental university UNIRVM.

In 2010 she got the license for opening her own office "Anti-Aging & Aesthetik Naturheilpraxis".